Radish Canapes - Lesson Plan & Recipe

It's red, it's round, it hides in the ground....


Take children out to:

  1. Feel prickly radish leaves & pick the radishes they planted in early spring.
  2. Plant sunflower & bean seeds for summer/fall.
  3. Smell/taste the perennial herbs we grow (rosemary, mint, thyme, oregano, chive…)
  4. Taste what they grew.

Ingredients to harvest/gather:

  • Fresh, soft bread (though adults may prefer crusty bread, children often have loose teeth & need soft)
  • Butter, margarine or cream cheese 
  • Radish dip (recipe below)
  • Radishes from garden, thinly sliced

Directions: Depending on age, and the size of your group, you and/or students will: 

  1. Slice and toast the bread, spread on margarine or butter.  
  2. Dip radish slices in the ‘radish dip’ and garnish toasts with them.
  3. Eat.   :)

Discussion – Let’s talk about it! 

  • Taste your ingredients both “plain” and all together 
  • Compare 
    • the spice & crunch of the radishes, 
    • the sweet, chewy bread & the salty, creamy margarine
  • Discuss the delightful contrast in tastes and textures.
  • Ask: How does combining simple ingredients changes one’s experience of them? 
  • Notice that your canapés were more than the sum of their individual parts!

Recipe for the Radish dip: 

Simply combine ingredients in blender or food processor until smooth and creamy:

     4 Tbsp. olive oil

     one ripe avocado

     1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

     2 Tbsp honey

     1 tsp salt

     Fresh herbs ~ Use rosemary, thyme, mint, and oregano. (Any fresh herbs you have growing)


Liked this lesson plan? For further radish radish recipe for kids recipes for kids, try them with avocado and paprika, in fish tacos, with cream cheese, salmon or as a garnish on hot stew… Get kids cooking what they grow!

radishes are the first spring harvest

radishes are the first spring harvest